Retail: What is Point of Sale (POS)?

What is point of sale and how does it apply to marketing and advertising? We design and produce printed point of sale for brands and retailers.

POS is short for Point of Sale

What does POS mean?

POS is, according to the Oxford dictionary, the place at which a retail transaction is carried out.

A Point of Sale is a point in time and place where a customer fulfils their buying decision and commits to make a purchase. This can be in a physical store, where payment can be taken through a POS terminal, or it can be carried out through the use of a mobile device or computer through such mediums as PayPal or mobile banking, as well as cash.

The location in which the point of sale takes place can be a major part in influencing the customer buying process. If it is easier for the customer to make a purchase, the chances of them doing so are highly increased, so it's important to maximise the possibility of making a sale. Here at Mauveworx we produce contemporary static branding solutions for a range of clients.


What is POS advertising?

POS advertising is any material that is used to draw a customer’s attention towards a particular product/product range with the aim of making a sale.

POS advertising is something that you may come across every day. It is just any material which attracts customers and influences their decision within the buying process. This can include product stands, posters, window displays, and even product packaging. It is often found that the more aesthetically pleasing the display or packaging, the higher the interest, and more purchases that will be made.

POS advertising can be beneficial for influencing word-of-mouth marketing, as people who have seen a display which is out of the norm is something they will share with friends. This is why businesses aim to create new, original content when planning their POS campaigns.

L’Oreal have been a longstanding client of ours here at Mauveworx. The team at MauveCreative work tirelessly on campaigns for the business, help them to connect with new customers and re-engage with existing ones.


What is POS material?

POS material includes anything that is aimed at influencing the customer buying process.

POS material can include anything from product packaging, to full-size product displays. Any material that has the purpose of influencing the customer buying process can be counted as POS material. Due to this, retailers make their material bright, clear, and eye-catching, as this boosts the chance of disrupting the customer and getting them to make a purchase.

Krispy Kreme, a client of ours for over 8 years, have always been keen to reflect their brand through their POS displays. From semi-permanent free standing display units, to counter-top display units, we have done it all for Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme

POS Summary

  • In retail, POS stands for Point of Sale.
  • Any mediums that help drive a customer buying decision can be considered POS material.
  • POS advertising is the aim of increasing brand awareness and in-store purchases through the use of POS material.
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