5 Ways To Make Your Point Of Sale Displays Stand Out

You've probably seen point of sale displays before. But did you know there are ways to make them stand out from the crowd? Read to discover great tips!

Point of sale (POS) displays are used in retail stores to attract customers and promote products. They're often found in queuing areas, at the ends of aisles, etc. where they display prices, promotions, and other information that helps shoppers to make a purchase, often on impulse and as a secondary location in store.

1. Choose a display that will fit your brand

The first thing to think about is how your brand's colours, logos, fonts, messaging and imagery will work on a POS display. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from, and some of this will be dictated by the retailer. You'll need to think about how your products will fit the display. Do you need something created that is more bespoke to your brand to truly make it stand out and increase sales in store? If your budget is limited, you might be able to use a more standard shape and size, while making sure that your branding is used effectively.

2. Use a unique font and style

In keeping with your brand guidelines, for your POS display to stand out it needs to have an element of uniqueness. Can you push your brand guidelines further, while keeping in line with the retailers' criteria? A great creative agency with specialist retail knowledge has the skill to make the display eye-catching, instantly recognisable as your brand, and realistic to make sure that it is ready to be placed in store.

3. Create a custom message with your brand colours

To really help aid the shopper journey, strong messaging can influence and persuade customers at the point of purchase. Clear messaging can make an impact that really stands out among busy store shelves. Depending on your brand's tone of voice, it could be a great opportunity to have some fun with words.

4. Add a touchscreen or tablet

Where adding technology is possible, it's great to include a way for customers to find out more information at the point of purchase. Cleverly designed displays can incorporate fixtures that can safely hold touchscreens or tablets, and even temporary cardboard displays can be strong enough to hold them too.

5. Include an interactive element like a QR code

One of the easiest ways to make your POS display stand out is by adding an interactive element. A QR code scanner is one such option. It allows people to scan a barcode with their smartphone and instantly access additional information. This type of technology has become increasingly popular as more consumers use smartphones to shop online.

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