What Is Dibond® Aluminium Composite?

What is dibond and why should you choose it for your promotional point of sale retail displays?

Dibond® is an aluminium composite material that is often known by the brand names of Dibond® or AluPanel®, and is also known as 'ACM' or 'Aluminium Composite Sheet'.

Think of it as an eco-sandwich - the bread is the 0.2mm aluminium sheet, and the filling is a mixture of recycled rubber tyres and plastics.

Predominantly used in hoardings around building sites, it’s widely recognised in the print world as the go to material for anything that needs to be strong.

Why use aluminium composite?

There are many benefits to using aluminium composite FSDUs instead of metal.

  • Drawbacks of traditional metal units:
    • High minimum order quantity
    • Additional process of powder coating
    • Long turnaround times
  • Advantages of using Dibond for FSDUs:
    • Very low minimum order quantity
    • High quality digital print rather than one colour powder coating
    • Laminated for robustness
    • Lighter weight
    • Super strong - as tested by Ian!

Krispy Kreme

Given a brief to construct an FSDU that will survive 12 months 'out in the field', dibond was an obvious choice for our customer, Krispy Kreme.

Coated with a gloss laminate, we knew our beautiful print would survive a hit from a loaded shopping trolley being raced around a supermarket (yep, we tested that too!)

Essentially, we made the equivalent of an all-singing, all-dancing metal fabricated unit without the high 'minimum order quantities', long turnaround times, painful boat-stuck-in-a-canal shipping delays and eye watering costs - yet just as impactful!

If that’s not enough – we got all innovative too… with the need for both a 2 shelf and 3 shelf unit to match demand in different stores, we made the unit double-sided to cater for both! POS genius-ism.

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