How Can Digital Signage Increase Brand Awareness?

Alice discusses how digital signage increases brand awareness both in store and out of store, and how it complements print signage.

Digital signage is one of the most impactful ways that brand awareness can be increased both in and out of store - from in store digital signage such as price boards and ticketing, to out of store such as advertising posters and billboards. One of the benefits of digital signage is that the creative design and messaging can be changed quickly, at the press of a button. Messaging can be tailored to time of day, weather conditions, etc. which opens the creativity doors further. Of course there’s no print cost, but a talented designer is still required for any artwork, as well as the cost for the technology.

Digital signage can also complement print signage. Joining up campaigns and ensuring the right messaging is seen at the right time, whether at home or on the move, is key to a successful marketing campaign. We ensure messaging is relevant for the shopper and target audience no matter the touchpoint, for example, online or via a static poster. At our in-house MauveCreative design agency, we create a range of digital artwork and assets for out-of-home signage such as posters and banners, as well as digital signage in store and online.


Our customer Krispy Kreme UK have a variety of retail signage in their own stores. Depending on location, they have either digital or print signage, or a combination of both. Some of their digital signage includes on-screen menu boards that can rotate between pricing and marketing messaging.

Krispy Kreme UK also have digital cabinets located in supermarkets and service stations with moving graphics that really stand out. There can also be technology used, such as presence sensors, to change the messaging displayed once a shopper has interacted with the display.

Another customer, Vichy, created an omnichannel campaign that featured digital signage in shopping malls and on the London Underground network. This was complemented by advertising in print magazines, which MauveCreative supported through the line for this campaign rollout.

Whether it’s print or digital signage, it’s important that the messaging is timely and relevant, no matter what medium is used.

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