The Future of MauveFulfilment

MauveFulfilment was formed around 20 years ago when the need to distribute our print to customers rose. From our inception we were known as Fulfilment, but we were a much smaller operation.

As a more complex supply chain developed, the need for print storage increased tenfold. This coincided with the creation of our technology platform Mauve Retailer, now MauveTech, which meant that a lot of our clients needed print to be stored at Mauveworx, to be ordered only when stores needed it. Due to this, the MauveFulfilment department swelled in size to become recognisable to what it is today. Despite doubling in size, efficiency and unfaltering accuracy have remained the cornerstone of the department.

What does the future look like for MauveFulfilment?

MauveFulfilment have come a long way since our formation as a department. We strive to remain relevant and on-top of the game in an ever-changing industry. We've moved from just storing and delivering print, to the model of a traditional fulfilment house. Recently we acquired our first pick-and-pack customer, a local business who required FMCG fulfilment for their customers. We were more than happy to oblige with our services for a local business, and are welcoming a new chapter for the department.

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