Making Huge Reductions In Operational Marketing Spend Using Tech

Our MauveTech platform can help you assess where you're wasting money in your retail operational marketing spend offer solutions to save costs.

While sat working from home due to COVID-19, it has given me the opportunity to sit and ponder on what makes Mauveworx a strong partner of choice for retailers. Our long term relationships often just start with a conversation around their POS, whether helping them to drive more footfall, increase sales or to help reduce the cost of POS campaigns.

When these relationships grow and we become more of a partnership rather than a supplier, the huge untapped savings start to appear. By process-mapping all retailers' operational marketing spend from concept through to creative, distributions, print and DC fulfilment, the real cost and savings are not actually at each stage, but it's clear that in-between is where time and money is being wasted.

As a result, over the past 5 years, we've been focusing on this new area of cost savings for all our retailers, and the reductions have been staggering.

The first step is to process-map the whole Operational Marketing and GNFR supply chain spend. Often these cost centres sit between various department like retail ops, marketing and finance/ procurement, to name but a few. While all these areas have KPIs and procurement cost saving initiatives, they typically do not share directors of suppliers who can add a more holistic umbrella approach.

Using our platform to capture the store estate, GNFR stock, and rollout to the stores' online ordering and profiling platform, we can start capturing, analysing and then reporting back to stakeholders the areas needing attention and offer new cost-saving ways of working.

Whether we open up the platform to third party suppliers using the Amazon model, or start using our consolidated One Drop delivery to stores across all GNFR suppliers, the hidden courier costs and store colleague time wasted shows that this is a missed opportunity that is costing retailers a fortune.

Our clients speak for themselves and we're proud partners of many large retailers including Specsavers, Toolstation, Carpetright, Krispy Kreme and Smyths Toys.

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