How To Collaborate & Review Your Video Content Centrally

The process of video annotation can be time consuming. Using MauveTech's video proofing tools, you can simplify and accelerate your video review process.

The process of video annotation can be time consuming if you don’t have access to video proofing tools. But using MauveTech video proofing, you can simplify and accelerate your video review process - making your creative team rockstars of content creation!

Upload video assets

Once your video content is ready to be reviewed, you can upload it to MauveTech. You can upload a single video or multiple videos using our batch upload.

Invite reviewers

You are now ready to share content with your key stakeholders and collaborators. Select a pre-defined approval process or create a new one. They can all leave comments using our point and click annotation tool. They can mark specific areas of the video and add feedback directly on the video itself. All feedback is timestamped for pinpoint accuracy.

Review and resolve

Your content creators can now view and resolve the comments. They can wait for the reviewers to finish or view feedback in the comments overview section where they can respond for more information and start planning the tasks to be checked off as edits get completed.

Version control

When the video content is updated and ready for review, your team can upload a new version of the video, so reviewers have the latest version at that time. You can add multiple versions and easily toggle between prior versions.

Compare and finalise

Once a new version is available you can view the versions side by side to see your changes come to life. A side-by-side comparison helps your team spot the exact changes and see how even a minor update can completely change the look and feel of your video.

Sign-off and move on

When you are happy with the changes, it’s a one-click approval workflow. You can now download the final version and move on to your next project. All video versions and feedback are stored in the platform for future reference. You now have a project log of who, what and when, all held together in one place.

Key takeaway

Video annotation is important with today’s demand for engaging and relevant content. It needs to be live and available to your customers quickly and easily with zero mistakes. That’s why having a good tool to support each stage of the process, so nothing gets missed or forgotten is imperative. You don’t want unapproved and incorrect content making its way to social media.

So, if you want to increase productivity and accuracy, a good video annotation tool is key to your video content creation. This ensures quality assurance and accountability at each stage of the project.

Most important use only the best review software like MauveTech – book a demo to find out more and see how our software can simplify and streamline your review process.

After all, who doesn’t want to be a rock star!

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