5 Reasons Store Profiling Should Drive Your In-Store Marketing

Using technology is a great way to improve your in-store marketing. Read more about how profiling your stores means that you can make real savings.

One of the easiest ways to cut marketing costs is by integrating a store profiling solution. MauveTech offers a cloud-based tool that gives you access to accurate profile data for each of your stores, providing your teams with insight into exactly what's needed and what isn't across your retail estate.

1. Accurate Marketing Execution

Stop sending the same materials to every store! When you do this, the store manager has to figure out which artwork they should place in which locations. However, MauveTech tells you which store needs to receive 8 posters and which only needs to receive 3 window posters. There is no confusion, and your brand artwork gets to work swiftly boosting your sales revenue.

2. Print Only What You Need

When you have access to store data, this guarantees 0% overages and makes sure the exact print quantities for each store are being delivered correctly. No need to overprint when you can develop store-specific campaign kits from store-specific data. MauveTech provides a cloud-based tool to securely store and share accurate data that powers your in-store executions, helping you reduce waste by getting the numbers right.

3. Increased Visibility

Having access to a store profiling tool featuring photos and important details gives your team visibility into every store inventory. MauveTech helps your teams make more data driven decisions on what each store has or needs. Streamline print orders by segmenting promotions by store size, type, demographic, or services. Data-driven campaigns help increase sales and your ROI.

4. Reduced Cost

Accurate data can dramatically reduce your marketing spend. MauveTech clients using generic marketing kits discovered they were able to reduce their marketing spend by over 35% once they analysed their store details, allowing them to accurately determine the investment needed across the entire retail estate. Real store data empowers retailers with the insights needed to reduce cost and make time-saving decisions.

5. Streamlined Store Ordering

MauveTech's profiling software includes an online portal for stores to reorder items that are specific to their store. Your teams can restrict what the stores can order, and set monthly budgets along with minimum order quantities, without the need for your teams to manage the whole process.

Reordering store specific marketing items counts as another major advantage, along with the ability to inform stores of their profiles, should anything need to be changed last minute. You can stock your in-store marketing collateral based on the present need, without wasting additional time and resource.

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