Five Ways Digital Asset Management Supports Hybrid Working

With hybrid working, now is the time for businesses to review how technology will support. DAM systems can help overcome the challenges of hybrid work.

Home working is the new norm for many, proving that employers are now considering how to create the most effective post-pandemic work environments for their teams.

With hybrid working having a permanent and transformative impact on organisations, now is the time for businesses to review how their teams will work long-term, and which technology will continue to support and maintain productivity. DAM systems can help you overcome the most common challenges of hybrid work.

What is a DAM?

From imagery to design files, to presentations and spreadsheets, the number of files and folders that you need to share is ever growing.

DAM solves the challenge of storing and organising all your content digitally in a secure and central location so that it can easily be found and shared.

The technology empowers your teams and external partners to quickly find files from any location, meaning that your teams can focus time and effort on the work that really matters to your organisation.

Advantages of DAM for hybrid working

1. DAM supports everybody in your company working in the same way

No more saving to desktops, shared servers or overflowing Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. DAM cloud-based platforms align everyone to save files in the same secure way, and are available to others no matter where they're working from.

2. Provide secure and immediate access to third parties

It might not be appropriate to grant full access to a shared drive or folder to an agency or contractor, but neither is it sensible to have to move files around into multiple folders or use slow WeTransfer-type services. With DAM, admins can give access to an approved individual or team to see only the files they need.

Secure Access-png

3. Tools and features to help different team members

DAM means you can find all relevant image files immediately. Integration with artwork automation tools and InDesign means faster editing and file saves, so everyone else immediately has access to the latest version.

Asset Management

4. Cloud-based software is affordable and can grow with you

DAM uses cloud-based storage services to offer ample and scalable storage capacity. Usage often accelerates once DAM is embedded into workplace culture, and subscription model pricing can suit different types of teams and organisations.

5. You can get started quickly

DAM platforms are designed to make it quick and simple to upload your files and folders from a shared server, desktop, and services like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. Great user experience is an expectation for software and DAM is designed so your team or external partners will not need support to show them how to use the platform.

Introducing DAM will ensure smarter, more consistent ways of working when confronted by today’s high volume of digital content, and support your teams and external partners working in different locations and time zones.

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