Why You Need Artwork Proofing Tools

Saving money and time while making your marketing supply chain more efficient, there's nothing more helpful than artwork proofing and approval tools.

How do you reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and increase time-to-market?

Helping your company save a lot of money and time while making your marketing supply chain more efficient - there's nothing more helpful than artwork proofing and approval tools.

These are some of the benefits of artwork proofing tools such as those in the MauveTech platform:

Centralised Proofing

Teams that are still emailing files to each approver to get sign off are using a linear process. There is a better way, and it's using a concurrent process.

Allowing your teams to view files for approval at the same time, in the same platform, your approval process becomes concurrent, and the process becomes efficient at a lower cost with an increase in potential revenue. MauveTech's artwork proofing tools can be configured to allow approval collaboration within your teams at the right stage and time.

Accelerated Project Delivery

Companies using a manual artwork approval process instead of an online workflow have room for improvement. When a project manager or campaign owner has to collate feedback from emails and spreadsheets, the process is manual. Creating an email distribution list, uploading large files to Dropbox or file share so everyone receives what they need, when they need it, can become a tedious and time-consuming process. This is along with collating feedback and making sure nothing drops through the net that could cause issues further down the line. The margin for error is high, which could end up costing your company time and money.

Fortunately, these are pains that the MauveTech artwork proofing tools can ease. In fact, our customers report up to 70% reduction in time after implementing our software because of its usability, tracking, and concise view of where they are in their campaign artwork approval cycle.


At some point, your company may need to demonstrate how artwork was approved for release and print. If approvals or design changes are managed over email, phone, or by handwritten notes, you are going to have a huge task on your hands to show accountability.

MauveTech's artwork proofing tools automatically track feedback provided by every person in the approval process. There is no need to manually keep a record of who changed what and when. You can easily view all feedback in a single place, making the management of changes and artwork versions seamless and hassle free.

Campaign Visibility

Having the options to see the whole campaign and what has or has not been approved is worth so much more than a file sitting in your inbox with an unknown approval status. Your campaign artwork approval status is critical. You need to know who approved the artwork, when they approved i, if there were any changes made to the artwork, and why.

MauveTech's artwork proofing tools support a holistic view of artwork approval at the campaign level, down to each artwork item in your campaign, ensuring this valuable information is easily accessible to everyone in your team.

Version Control

Companies that do not have artwork proofing software may lack a central database for approved artwork and artwork versions. Over time, these could be lost, deleted, or forgotten about which means throwing away thousands of pounds, having to recreate the artwork and reapprove everything. MauveTech's artwork proofing tools allow you to create unique projects to group and store your campaign artwork, with all feedback, each artwork version created, and the approval history with date stamp.

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