Retail And Brand Marketing: What Is An FSDU?

This blog post looks at FSDUs, what they are, what they're usually made of, and what brands use them for in a retail environment.

FSDU is short for Free Standing Display Unit or Floor Standing Display Unit.

Where are FSDUs used?

FSDUs are used in the retail marketing industry to promote specific products in store, and are a common type of point of sale/point of purchase display used in visual merchandising.

FSDUs can be temporary or permanent fixtures. Temporary FSDUs are typically designed to hold products for a certain time period while a promotion is active, and to make a product stand out in busy aisles. A cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option is cardboard. Cardboard displays can be stronger than you think, and hold a lot of weight. Our 3DE team rigorously weight tests FSDUs to make sure they can withstand the intended number of products.

How are they designed?

FSDUs can be designed in a variety of ways to look visually appealing, through a range of interesting shapes and sizes that are designed to drive sales. They are usually positioned at the 'point of sale' where they are most likely to grab shoppers' attention. They are often lightweight so that they can be moved around and be placed in the best position to suit each store's layout.

Copy of FSDUs-png

If an FSDU is designed to last for a longer period of time, we can also recommend and provide alternative materials such as Dibond, metal, or acrylic. Another consideration is the environment in which the FSDU will sit. Dibond and other stronger materials can better withstand knocks such as trolleys in a retail environment.

What about the artwork?

For the FSDU to make an impact in store, the graphics will need to be designed in line with your brand guidelines. Your own designers can provide artwork to suit the shape of the FSDU, or our MauveCreative agency graphic designers are on hand as specialists in shopper marketing, and regularly design impactful artwork for a variety of FSDU styles. They will work with your brand guidelines to promote your brand identity, and reinforce your colours and messaging.

Our MauvePrint team can then print this artwork onto a variety of substrates to suit your choice. Our dedicated account managers will make the process easy and handle the smooth collaboration between Creative, Print and delivery to stores.

Return on investment

FSDUs are a popular marketing activation option as they deliver a great return on investment. You will often see a high-end display for more luxury products, and a cost-effective display for lower cost or FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods). Our teams will always recommend the best option to suit your brand's needs and the intended brand perception.

Real-life examples

For example, our customer Krispy Kreme UK needed a long-lasting FSDU that was designed to encourage impulse purchases in busy retail environments. In this case, we recommended using Dibond as a more environmentally-friendly, long-lasting choice.

Krispy Kreme

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