Point of Sale Printing: Can you print on toast?

We can produce all printed marketing campaign items in-house and can also make packaging, guaranteeing delivery into stores undamaged.

We’re proud that we can produce all printed marketing campaign items in-house – this is through the versatility of the printing equipment that we have in our factory. We also make our own packaging, guaranteeing that campaigns are delivered into stores undamaged.

Flatbed Printing

Our two HP Scitex FB11000 flatbed printers are massive inkjet printers with the added benefit that it can print on anything up to 25 mm thick – even toast!

The flexibility and versatility of these printers allows us to print on any medium including foam PVC, polystyrene (HIPS), fluted polypropylene, synthetic paper, paper, foam board, corrugated cardboard, compressed cardboard, and print up to 1.6 metres by 3.2 metres. We can also print the exact quantity that we require, with no run-through or waste. This makes it perfect for printing onto expensive materials, producing one-off samples, and the size enables us to put multiple items on at the same time.

It is mesmerising to watch the bed pass back and forth under the print heads with additional layers of ink being added with each pass. With each one being able to print 650 m² per hour, these presses alone allow us to print over 11 million m² of campaign material per year. It’s also surprising how quickly it can produce posters and free standing display units (FDSU) ready for finishing.

An excellent example of these machines working to their full capacity was a recent pan-European campaign that we completed for Monster. We produced over 5,000 FSDUs and shipped them to multiple locations in seven countries.

Litho Printing

Our Man Roland 900 is our Litho printing press machine. This machine can print up to 16,000 sheets per hour, providing continuous high-quality output, as well as unbeatable productivity. The large-scale Litho press is an ink-fuelled titan capable of churning out marketing promotions of all types and sizes, at huge quantities.

Effectively the sheet will pass through many rollers, applying different coloured ink at each stage, producing a dazzling piece of artwork. The journey each sheet takes is fascinating to watch, and our Mauveologists carefully mix the ink to deliver the high-quality print we all expect.

General substrates for this machine will include paper, folding boxboard, PVC, polypropylene, self-adhesive vinyl and window cling. This provides printing flexibility with the material we can use.

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