Fixing Up A Winner | Toolstation Totebox

We designed, printed, created and fulfilled a ‘fun and engaging’ kit to be given to Toolstation staff around the country.

Our long-term customer Toolstation asked us to create a ‘fun and engaging’ kit to be given to each of their stores around the country. The aim of this was to drive employee awareness and engagement of the new ‘Tools and more for any job’ brand launch. The kit needed to reach stores the same weekend as the launch of their new Tools and More TV ad for maximum impact. The objective of the kit was to link with the brand launch as well as reward the hard work Toolstation staff had put in during such a turbulent year.

Our four core sectors got to work straight away. The MauveCreative department set to designing a tote-style box, inspired by the Toolstation tool bag featured in the TV ad. Our 3D department took these designs and made the idea a reality, whilst making sure it met our rigorous durability standards. Down on our factory floor, our MauvePrint team set about bringing this great project to life, printing all five-hundred boxes, and sourcing the items to go inside of them which included a variety of games and treats for all members of staff to enjoy, from a toy shark to complement the TV ad, a puzzle to bring staff together, and some chocolate, because, well, who doesn’t love chocolate!

Toolstation Totebox

Our part in this brilliant project was completed by our MauveFulfilment team, who were responsible for packing and distributing these to staff. The project was so well received and created such a buzz that our client ordered four hundred more! A wonderful compliment to a brilliant project.

A great example of the end-to-end service, and working as an extension of the Toolstation team.

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