The Value of Screen Printing

Our state of the art machinery can handle any campaign that you require. With 50 years of innovation, we have a disruptive approach to marketing activation, delivering multichannel marketing communications for retailers, brands and agencies. This is driven through our state-of-art, cloud-based MauveTech platform, combined with the sheer power from our magnificent machines – one of which is our screen printer.

A screen printer works by putting down heavy deposits of UV ink, this is excellent for creating large solid areas of colour. This technique works well for brands and retailers looking to generate awareness using fluorescent and metallic colours, often to give an incontestable richness to their campaign.

The process itself has a classical charm to it. Watching the carefully measured ink get squeezed onto the substrates is fascinating. Our Mauveologists truly have perfected this art-form over many years. A high-quality screen print run depends on ink with the right colour and the right consistency. Working with trust and integrity, our Mauveologists guarantee the quality of the print for every run.

We’ve had this printer in our factory for many years and have produced all sorts of dazzling marketing display solutions for our clients including Specsavers, Monster, and Smyths Toys.