Man Roland 900 Litho Press

With 50 years of heritage behind us, we have handpicked our print machinery to be able to produce all point-of-sale campaign items in-house. We pride ourselves in delivering a service of integrity that brands and retailers can trust.

Our Man Roland 900 is our Litho printing press machine. This 8th wonder of the world can print up to 16,000 sheets per hour providing continuous high-quality output as well as unbeatable productivity. The large-scale Litho press is an ink-fuelled titan capable of churning out marketing promotions of all types and sizes at huge quantities!

Effectively, the sheet will pass through many rollers applying different coloured ink at each stage, producing a dazzling piece of artwork. The journey each sheet will take is very fascinating to watch and our Mauveologists carefully mix the ink to deliver the high-quality print we all expect.

General substrates for this machine will include paper, folding boxboard, PVC, polypropylene, self-adhesive vinyl and window cling. This provides printing flexibility for the materials we can use.

Get in touch if you have any upcoming campaigns or projects that we can help you bring to life.