Are you using Instagram effectively?

We follow 3 simple categories, which will help you master your company’s Instagram. We call these categories A.A.H.!

Did you know Instagram has over 25 million business profiles?

The most effective way to utilise Instagram advertising is to ask yourself “what’s my ultimate goal”. This ensures that the brand message that is being delivered to your customers is consistent and effective.

A.A.H. stands for:

  • Awareness
  • Attention
  • Hook

When considering material to post, it is important that you don’t always sell, sell and sell. First of all, you want to ensure that your audience is aware of what it is you sell or the service you provide. This will increase your brand awareness and contribute to your engagement rates.

Once your brand is established and your audience is aware of what it is you offer, start to give your audience something to grab their attention. This may be through the use of a video diverting your audience to your website, or a blog post about the industry that you are in.

You will want to start trying to hook your audience with posts once you notice that your business has started to gain traction and your socials are gaining a wider audience. At this point, selling your product or service will be pushed more than gaining awareness. However, it is not always necessary to follow these categories in a specific order, adapt your posts to suit your business’ audience.

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